Quickbooks QODBC Runbook

Quickbooks QODBC Runbook

In this document we will cover how to use the QODBC driver properly for reporting out of Quickbooks.

This process must be completed every time a connection via QODBC to the Quickbooks01 Server is needed using the Quickbooks QODBC Application

Logging into Quickbooks01

First thing that we need to do is establish a RDP connection to quickbook01.tgs.local.

  1. Open the Start Menu and type Remote Desktop Connection and press Enter
    Remote Desktop Connection Start
  2. In the Remote Desktop Connection window that opens, type quickbooks01.tgs.local and press Connect.
    Connect to quickbooks01.tgs.local via Remote Desktop Connection Application on Windows
    You may see the connection process for a moment after clicking Connect. If you see a loading bar please wait for loading to complete.
    Quickbooks Remote Desktop Loading
  3. Once you are logged into quickbooks01.tgs.local click the start-menu and type QRemote and select QRemote Server for QODBC from the start-menu
    Launch QRemote Server for QODBC from quickbooks01.tgs.local
  4. There will be a tray icon that will appear to let you know that the QRemote Server for QODBC is running. You can right-click on the icon in the system tray and select Show QRemote Server to adjust server configuration.
  5. You can now connect via the report01.tgs.local ODBC Connector QuickBooks Data QRemote

Connectivity Issues?

If you experience connectivity issues with the ODBC connector, please check your RDP session to quickbooks01.tgs.local and ensure that there are no notifications on your desktop that are waiting on your to confirm that the system is good to proceed.

Depending on who and what is open in Quickbooks in Multi-User mode the QRemote Server on quickbooks01 may show warnings on the Quickbooks Application that need to be accepted.