Midwest Technology Center

Workshops by request

Experience Center:

Connecting people with technology by hosting proof of concepts, demonstrations, educational classes and boot camps.

Educating People:

Providing hands on experience with the latest in IT technologies for the community including high-school and college students, business professionals and partners.

Enable Business:

Giving businesses opportunities to prove out solutions prior to investing dollars into technology.

Strategic Planning:

Develop an IT roadmap and investment plan with proven technologies and designs.

On-demand with results:

Our lab is fully automated giving the ability to get answers to your questions fast.

TGS has been hiring Centriq graduates since 2005. With the opening of the Midwest Technology Center, TGS performs training for many Centriq students via tours, a “day in the life of an engineer”, internships, manufacturer trainings and post-graduation opportunities to build their IT career.

For more info, visit: http://centriq.com/blog/featured-employer-tgs/
Centriq students can contact Cary Shiner at cshiner@tgs-mtc.com for more information.

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