Enhance productivity with best-in-class IT solutions.

Collaboration is increasingly necessary to eliminate barriers in communication across departments, organizations, and even geography. When you invest in collaboration technology, you dramatically increase productivity. Your employees and customers will feel the results when more channels are opened.

Our team of certified engineers and project developers will help plan, design, install, and support state-of-the-art collaboration solutions tailored to meet your needs and budget. Rather than simply selling products, we bring together a wide range of technologies from today’s top manufacturers to create one seamless collaboration system for you.

With TGS’s powerful communication solutions, collaboration has never been easier. They include:

  • Video Conferencing. Transmit real-time audio and video interactive communication between two or more locations through your digital network.
  • Video Streaming. Broadcast your video content live or broadcast using archived videos.
  • Sound Masking. Protecting speech privacy and confidential information with sound mask, which is precisely engineered to match and mask human speech at the right frequency and decibel.
  • Unified Communications. Consolidate your voice, video, and data communications, and boost productivity.