Data Center Design

Develop a robust, reliable infrastructure for your data

In today’s marketplace, businesses like yours rely on technology to gain an edge. New technologies like mobile computing, virtualization, and cloud computing are putting an increased strain on data center operations and increasing demand for more speed and capacity. Data center professionals are seeking guidance on how to best integrate these technologies into a physical infrastructure that allows them to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide additional capacity.

Our data center designs are based on a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, your IT architecture, overall infrastructure, and business objectives. These factors make up the framework within which we develop the optimal physical infrastructure for your data center, seamlessly merging the physical systems—power, cooling, racks, pathways, cabling, bonding, and identification—with the IT equipment they support, including servers, switches, storage, and monitoring.

Our Data Center Design services include:

  • Planning. We perform a thorough analysis of your data infrastructure requirements.
  • Designing. Our expert architects will design a data center based on the proposed layout.
  • Construction. Our team will ensure that all stages of construction are well managed.
  • Consultation. We provide ongoing support long after the project is completed.