Managed Services

Worry- and hassle-free technology is now within your reach

Many businesses are familiar with the traditional approach to managing IT: the break/fix method. But companies that choose this option actually spend more money reacting to malfunctioning technology rather than proactively rooting out the problem. Things are different with TGS’s Managed Services. We help organizations avoid spending time and resources on training, troubleshooting, and support costs for PCs, Macs, mobile, email, VoIP, networks, servers and Office Suite application support.

With our Managed Services, you can say goodbye to IT issues once and for all. With proactive management, not only do we reduce your repair costs, but more importantly, we fix problems even before they create downtime. Our team also helps you make strategic decisions in purchasing, tracking, and managing your IT investments.

Bring predictability to your budget and get a much better return on your technology investment.

Our Managed Services give you:

  • Enterprise-grade technology - built on Connectwise, Microsoft, HPN, LabTech and more
  • Knowledge-as-a-service - thousands of articles and best-practice templates -- created, improved, and meticulously maintained
  • 24x7 contact center - US-based service desk staffed around the clock, with fully redundant NOC
  • On-demand resources - assistance from experts in multiple roles (L1-L3, engineers, supervisors, QA) and domains (network, storage, Microsoft, cloud IT, and more)
  • Analytics and insights - real-time, on-demand reporting
  • Multiple enablement channels - including phone, chat, email, and website
  • People with names - dedicated strategic account manager and customer champion