5 Reasons Why You Should Get Cisco CCNP Security Certified

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Cisco CCNP Security Certified

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security certification is an excellent credential that can validate your LAN and WAN networks’ ability to implement and troubleshoot. With this certification, you can collaborate with specialists on issues relating to voice, wireless, advanced security, and video solutions. The CCNP is best suited for individuals with at least one year of network experience, such as network engineers, systems engineers, support engineers, and network technicians. In many cases, it’s recommended to acquire a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification before getting a CCNP certification.


The CCNA certification is the first step in what could be a three-step process. It’s an excellent baseline for those wanting this type of Cisco-based certification, especially if you still don’t have a lot of experience working in the field. However, if you’re a professional who has the experience and looking to advance your knowledge, the CCNP Security certification is made for you. There is one certification beyond the CCNP called the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. This is the most prestigious certification available in the IT industry at the moment.

The Benefits of a CCNP Security Certification

1. Salary potential increases. According to Cisco, individuals who have the CCNP certification earn 10 percent more than those who do not when compared to a colleague employed at the same company and in the same position. Those with a CCNP are suited to pursue careers as IT Team Leader, Network Analyst, or Network Administrator.
2. Allows you to keep up with the latest technology. Advancements in technology are continually evolving, and continuing education is a must to remain competitive. This certification will offer you an edge over coworkers who do not possess it.
3. It’s a good resume booster. Potential employers look at three main points on a resume: education, skills, and work experience. Degrees along with certifications make you a more qualified employee. This certification makes you a crucial asset and shows leadership that you’re willing to excel in your field.
4. You’re set to work internationally. Individuals with a CCNP certification can work overseas in countries where these types of IT skills are needed. Nigeria, India, Dubai, Algeria, Angola, UK, and Australia all have growing IT industries, even if you are not interested in living there long-term, your company could easily send you there as a representative.
5. Job growth increases. When it comes to bonuses, raises, and promotions, employers are looking for employees going above and beyond the set expectations. With this certification, you’ll be recognized as someone who has some of the most advanced training in the industry. Employers will feel more confident knowing that you can handle any pending changes or challenges in the future.

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